LA Puffer

Born in Los Angeles, California, year of the White Metal Tiger, I now explore a new cycle of elements and mysteries in a life still evolving. Mother, sister, aunt, friend, and writer am I.  Always a witness to what the world offers, even the unasked for losses and unanticipated gifts, my mind is restless and inquisitive.  I take comfort from the un-man-made world and whatever wild amazing wildness can still counter despair.

The tagline was changed to “Nomadic Spirit” in 2013 [see post of 9/3/2013] because it fits better with who I am and how I move through life.  I also learned that “unpacking” has become quite the jargon word among academics, though, and I decline to be compartmentalized by that camp even though the quote below still speaks to me.  The tagline for the original site launch (2011) came from a quote by Michael Kimmelman, writing in The New York Times (7/23/2011) about his friend, the painter Lucien Freud.  Kimmelman’s quote alluded to the artist’s subject matter:

The real world, stripped bare, already presented unfathomable strangeness and fascination.  An artistic life should exhaust itself trying to unpack it.

I work with words, images, and whatever comes to mind, heart, hands.  However, my focus is described accurately by the above quote and I am now in the process of unpacking it.  At this point in my life I am unpacking it: letting go, claiming, reclaiming, and most of all, unlearning in order to really learn. Sometimes poetry, more often prose, an occasional image or all interconnected.

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